The Hellenic Air Force (HAF)  acquired sixty A-7Hs and five TA-7Hs between 1975 and 1980. Between 1993 and 1994 the HAF acquired additional Corsairs, fifty A-7Es and TA-7Cs, just retired from the US Navy. Greece operated a fleet of 133 Corsair IIs which made them the largest international operator of the type. The A-7 Corsair II saw service in five HAF squadrons, flying a total of 355,000 sorties and 440,000 flight hours.

In the Hellenic Air Force, Corsairs were initially stationed at Larissa (347 Squadron) and Souda Bay (340  and 345  Squadron). In 2002, the Corsairs were consolidated at Araxos Air Base (335 squadron “Tiger” and 336 squadron “Olympos”).

On October 17th, 2014 The Hellenic Air Force (HAF) held an official retirement ceremony for its last A-7 Corsair IIs at Araxos Air Base, home of 116 Combat Wing. Operating the world’s last airworthy Corsair IIs, 336 Squadron decommissioned fifteen A-7E and two TA-7Cs at the event after thirty-nine years of active service.

These pictures where made in 2007 on Kleine Brogel, Belgium where the 10th Tactical Wing organised a large Operational Integration Exercise (OIE). Twelve countries participated with more than 50 planes and the Greek sent no less than two modern F-16's, two F-4E-AUP's and these beautiful A-7 Corsairs.