The 100th Air Refueling Wing is RAF Mildenhall's current host wing and the only permanent U.S. air refueling wing in the European theater, activated here on February 1, 1992. The wing provides the critical air refueling "bridge" that allows the Expeditionary Air Force to deploy around the globe on a moment's notice. The Bloody Hundredth is comprised of the 100th Maintenance Group, the 100th Mission Support Group, and the 100th Operations Group.

100th Operations Group:

Responsible for planning, intelligence support, scheduling and execution of USAFE’s air refueling operations across Europe and Africa. The group's two squadrons operate 15 KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft in support of multi-service, allied and coalition receiver aircraft flying training, exercise and contingency missions. The unit serves as an Air Expeditionary Group of a minimum of three squadrons and maintains and operates the only 24-hour U.S. Air Force airfield in the U.K.

351st Air Refueling Squadron:

Provides operational air refueling, aeromedical evacuation, airlift and rapid contingency response options for U.S. and NATO fighter, bomber, and support and reconnaissance aircraft in airspace overlying the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia. Protects U.S. interests by employing 27 combat mission-ready KC-135 aircrews and 15 aircraft for contingency, defense operations planning/response, special operations and training missions from England and other forward operating locations.

The 352d Special Operations Wing based at RAF Mildenhall, England, is part of Air Force Special Operations Command. The wing has more than 1,200 Air Force members assigned. The wing is the only Air Force special operations unit in the European Theater.

7th Special Operations Squadron operates the CV-22B Osprey throughout the entire range of military operations in support of conventional and Special Operation Forces. The 7 SOS can execute missions at night, in adverse weather, performing long-range insertion, extraction and resupply missions in hostile, denied and/or politically sensitive territories. This is accomplished by employing cutting-edge tilt-rotor aircraft with terrain-following/terrain-avoidance radar, precision avionics and robust defensive systems.

67th Special Operations Squadron operates the MC-130J Commando II to provide precise, reliable, flexible and responsive specialized air mobility. The 67 SOS provides worldwide special operations support in austere, hostile, denied and/or politically sensitive territory. The crews conduct single or multi-ship infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces via airdrop and airland operations, and conduct long-range refueling operations of Special Operations Forces assets.