Between April the 11th and 22nd the large international exercise Frisian Flag 2016 took place above the Northern part of The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Leeuwarden Airbase was host of this annual exercise and during this 13th edition 70 aircraft touched down in the Netherlands from Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, the United Kingdom, Finland and the United States. Two weeks the participating pilots trained in planning, flying and debriefing large and complex flights what should prepare them for actual missions above comflict area's like Iraq, Syria and safetyflights in their own countries. Airspace was reserved above the North Sea above the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark and flying was supported with tankeraircraft from Eindhoven Airbase. France sent one one of their C-135FR tankers to refuel their Mirage 2000D's while Italy supported Frisian Flag with a brandnew KC767. The Dutch, Belgium and Polish Air Force F-16 received fuel from a Dutch KDC-10 while a E-3TF Awacs provided aerial pictures.


After the two weeks of intensive flying Leeuwarden base commander Denny Traas reflected on the succesfull and well organised Frisian Flag exercise: “All Frisian Flag participants, thank you for a very successful exercise. Your combined effort and professionalism created excellent training for missions today and in the future, wherever and whenever. Together we stand! See you next year.”


Participants Frisian Flag 2016:


The Netherlands         14x F16AM/BM       311, 322 Sqn

                                      1x C130H                   334 Sqn         

Belgium                        8x F-16AM/BM        10 Wing                     

Germany                      8x EF2000                 TaktLwG 31  

France                          4x Mirage 2000D      EC02/03.003

Poland                          6x F16C                      3/6ELT                                  

RAF                               4x Tornado GR4        Marham Wing           

Finland                         4x F-18C                     HävLLv 31

USA                               8x F-15C/D                104th/144th Fighter Wing

Norway                        1x DA 20                     717 Skv