Tucson IAP 2014

Tucson International Airport is home to the Air National Guard's premier F-16 fighter pilot training unit, the 162nd Fighter Wing. It is the largest ANG fighter wing in the country and resides on94 acresnext to the Tucson International Airport. The wing shares use of the runway, security and fire control with the airport. Approximately 1,450 people work at the base. About 900 are full-time employees and the balance are drill status Guardsmen providing forces in support of wartime operations.

Since its activation in 1956, the 162nd Fighter Wing has fulfilled a federal and state mission. The dual mission, a provision of the U. S. Constitution, results in each Guardsman holding membership in the National Guard of Arizona and in the National Guard of the United States. Specifically, the wing serves the United States and allied nations by providing the finest fighter training programs in the world while partnering with the U.S. Air Force in overseas contingencies and Aerospace Control Alert.

The wing's federal mission is to maintain well-trained, well-equipped units available for prompt mobilization during war and provide assistance during national emergencies such as natural disasters or civil disturbances.

The 162nd is the "face of the USAF to the world" providing the best-trained coalition war-fighting partners for the United States Air Force. The wing has trained pilots from 28 countries that fly the F-16 today while developing strategic partnerships and building strong international relationships based on performance, friendship and trust.

The wing manages a fleet of more than 70 F-16 C/D and Mid-Life Update (MLU) Fighting Falcons. There are three flying squadrons and numerous maintenance squadrons and flights assigned to the wing. Under the 162nd Operations Group are the 152nd, 195th, and 148th Fighter Squadrons. Supporting these units are the Mission Support Group, the Maintenance Group, the Medical Group and Headquarters Squadron.